Gearbox: McLaren P1

LFXGearboxWelcome to another Gearbox article, when I get the chance to indulge in my other passion, cars.

But this week, well frankly I am annoyed. The main reason I am annoyed is that the figures for the McLaren P1 were finally released.

Now the numbers aren’t poor, this is McLaren after all, we all knew they would be incredible. But I am annoyed as I am unlikely to ever own one of these incredible machines and frankly that doesn’t seem fair. Right?

Ever the perfectionists, McLaren have produced something incredible in the P1 and it really does look like it will be the modern version of the famous F1 (‘McLaren F1’).

Not only does this strike me as one of the most beautiful cars available today but now it is confirmed as one of the fastest.

Therefore if one of the 375 customers who have bought one would like to take me for a spin I’ll give you a very good rate on our systems!

P1On the dials

  • 903bhp
  • 664lb ft of torque
  • 0-62mph time of 2.8 seconds
  • Standing Quarter of a Mile in 9.8 seconds to reach 152mph
  • Braking from 186mph to 0mph takes a measly 6.2seconds, and your kidneys popping through your chest
  • 34mpg combined fuel consumption, which frankly is incredible given the above stats


Part of the reason for the impressive performance figures is the weight of the whole car. It comes in at slightly less than 1,400kg, giving it a power to weight ratio close to the much heavier and uglier (in my opinion) Bugatti Veyron.


Let’s be honest its essentially a road going race car and is designed to be driven. Therefore in a typical nod to racing it is dripping in carbon fibre and, although it comes relatively well equipped, you realise you are getting into a car that isn’t designed for a cruise around town.

£866,000, comparable to Porsche’s new 918 or a LaFerrari. Want more info? Head through to the official site here.

Didn’t manage to get your order in in time for the limited run? Well how about something far rarer, an original Mclaren F1 with its iconic central driving position and gold plated engine cover designed by the legendary Gordon Murray and a car only likely to go up in value. 

There’s no price but these have been known to go for more than £3.5m.