Introducing TraderLife

Introducing TraderLife

From the editorial team that brought you Littlefish FX comes TraderLife, a new lifestyle brand that aims to offer insight into the life of the modern-day trader.

For those who aim to “live life off the charts”, TraderLife will provide informative, entertaining and aspirational content for traders to enjoy during those well-needed breaks away from the screens.

We won’t provide technical analysis or trading education (we’ll leave that to the LFX pros) – instead we’ll focus on the light and leisure aspects of a trader’s life, an important and often overlooked factor when it comes to a trader’s work-life balance and wellbeing.

Although the website has only just launched, there is already plenty of content on there with plenty more to come. As we expand our contributor pool we’ll be featuring everything from trader interviews to events & travel, from health & fitness to latest trader tech, from cars & property to food, fashion and culture. If you’d like to contribute then do get in touch at

Meanwhile, do head over to the site and let us know what you think – we’re keen to hear from new readers and traders about what we should feature and what you’d like to read.