LFX Book Club: Active Portfolio Management

Introducing our LFX Book Club, the essential reading list for all traders – whether you’re brand new to trading or a seasoned pro. From reference books and essential guides to memoirs and biographies of notorious traders, if there’s a trading lesson to be learnt, it’s here.

Active Portfolio Management: A Quantative Approach for Producing Superior Returns and Selecting Superior Money Managers

By Richard C. Grinold and Ronald N. Kahn

They say: Mathematically rigorous and meticulously organised, Active Portfolio Management outlines an innovative process to uncover raw signals of asset returns, develop them into refined forecasts, then use those forecasts to construct portfolios of exceptional return and minimal risk.

We say: It’s a must-read for any portfolio manager and an essential for traders who want to understand money management and how it can help them to beat the market. If you’ve got a trading problem, it’s a pretty safe bet that there’s a chapter somewhere in this book that will help you out.

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