LFX Book Club: Options for Swing Trading

Introducing our LFX Book Club, the essential reading list for all traders – whether you’re brand new to trading or a seasoned pro. From reference books and essential guides to memoirs and biographies of notorious traders, if there’s a trading lesson to be learnt, it’s here…

Options for Swing Trading

By Michael Thomsett

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 16.33.40They say: Options traders know all about leverage, and swing traders are keenly aware of entry and exit timing as the key to profits. This book shows the experienced trader at an intermediate or advanced level how to combine these two trading skills into a single, powerful set of strategies to maximise leverage while minimising risk.

We say: It does what it says on the tin: if you want to combine skills and fine-tune your trading strategy, this is the book you need. If you’ve been hanging around Littlefish FX long enough, you’ll remember we posted a series of excerpts from this one- that’s how good we think it is.

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