LFX Book Club: The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities

Introducing our LFX Book Club, the essential reading list for all traders – whether you’re brand new to trading or a seasoned pro. From reference books and essential guides to memoirs and biographies of notorious traders, if there’s a trading lesson to be learnt, it’s here…

The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities

By Frank J. Fabozzi

They say: The most authoritative, widely read reference in the global fixed income marketplace. Since 1983, through six previous editions, “The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities” has been an essential for institutional investors, portfolio managers, financial analysts, and virtually anyone requiring access to the latest, most authoritative information on the global fixed income marketplace.

We say: Who are we to argue? Okay, this might not be one you’re going to read on the train or your morning commute or take on your summer holiday for a bit of light reading, but it absolutely has a place on your bookshelf. If you trade in the fixed returns market, you need it in your life. Consider it your trading ‘Bible’.

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