The LFX Guide To: Easter Eggs

It’s Easter on Sunday, which means the biggest influx of chocolate since Christmas is on its way. Whether it’s for yourself or a gift, make sure you snap up one of this year’s best eggs with our guide to 2014’s top Easter Eggs, including eggs that look like penguins, taste like hot cross buns, and cost up to £5 million…

The Hot Cross Bun Egg

hot cross bunName: Hot Cross Bun Easter Egg

Made of: Hot cross bun flavoured milk chocolate

Price: £6.00

Available from: Thorntons 

If you can’t decide which Easter treat you fancy, have both with this milk chocolate egg flavoured with mixed spice and orange peel inspired by a hot cross bun.

The Eggs-tra Thick Egg

thickName: Your Eggsellency

Made of: Extra thick milk chocolate

Price: £28.00

Available from: Hotel Chocolat

The geniuses at Hotel Chocolat decided it would be a good idea to make their eggs extra thick this year, and who are we to argue? If the extra thick chocolate shell isn’t enough for you, you’ll be pleased to know the inside is filled with 12 flavoured truffles including champagne, port and amaretto. Hands off, kids…

The Golden Egg

gold lattice

Name: M&S Gold Lattice Egg

Made of: Hand-piped golden milk chocolate

Price: £15.00

Available from: Marks and Spencer

This one looks like it’s straight out of the fairy tale, but it wasn’t laid by a goose. It was delicately hand-piped by M&S and looks (almost) too good to eat. It’s not just an Easter egg…

The Penguin Egg

penguinName: Preston Penguin

Made of: Milk chocolate

Price: £10

Available from: Marks and Spencer

This distinguished-looking fellow is a step up from the traditional ducks and chicks. If for some reason you don’t want an Easter egg that looks like a penguin (and why wouldn’t you?!) they also have caterpillars, pirates and pigs…

The Chocolate-free Easter Treat

gingerbreadName: Gingerbread Chicks

Made of: Gingerbread biscuits

Price: £3.00

Available from: John Lewis

Don’t leave out the non-chocolate eaters in your life this Easter. Treat them to these gingerbread chicks, and there’ll be more chocolate left for you. It’s win-win.

The Anti-Egg

flatName: Pierre Marcolini Flat Egg

Made of: Chocolate, praline and nougat chips

Price: £22

Available from: Pierre Marcolini’s e-boutique

If you need an egg to pop in the post or you’re just bored of egg-shaped chocolate, this flat egg might be just what you’re looking for. It’s made of finest quality artisan chocolate by one of the world’s most famous ‘Haute Chocolatiers’, so it’s not just a novelty, it’ll taste good, too.

One for the Kids (or Big Kids)

kinderName: Ferrero Kinder Surprise Special Edition Egg

Made of: A milk chocolate shell with a milky layer inside

Price: £4.00

Available from: Tesco

This one will take you back to your childhood, but it’s five times the size of the tuck shop version, with a Batman surprise hidden inside. Buy one for the kids, or just for yourself, we won’t tell.

The Egg Shell

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 09.00.25Name: Prestat Polka Dot Egg

Made of: Hazelnut chocolate truffle inside a real eggshell

Price: £3.95

Available from: Prestat

Don’t ask us how, but Prestat have managed to fill real eggshells with moreish hazelnut truffle, before hand painting them in a brightly coloured polka dot pattern. Just make sure you warn whoever you give it to not to eat the shell…

For the Chocoholic…

chocoholicName: Fortum and Mason The Colossal Egg

Made of: Five different flavours of top quality chocolate

Price: £90.00

Available from: Fortnum and Mason

If one Easter egg is just not enough, go for this 1.4 kg feast made up of five chocolate eggs arranged one inside the other. It even has five different flavours of milk and dark chocolate, including chai, caramel, orange, rose and violet, and mint. This one will last you a while (maybe)…

And if Money’s No Object…

moneyName: Mirage

Made of: More than 1,000 diamonds and a hand-crafted ornate 18 karat gold globe

Price: £5 million

Available by consultation with the owner only!

The world’s most eggs-pensive Easter egg has been unveiled, but its owner is reluctant to sell it, so you’ll probably have to shell out more than its huge £5 million price tag to get your hands on this one. The egg, named ‘Mirage’, is studded with diamonds, 100 of which are a unique cut, worth £1.5 million alone. But where’s the chocolate?

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