Littlefish Loves: AMPL SmartBag

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 08.34.09The product we’ve picked for this week’s Littlefish Loves is billed as “the World’s Smartest Backpack” – designed to power, protect and connect all of your gadgets while you’re on the move. Travelling, adventuring or just trading on-the-go? The AMPL SmartBag is perfect for keeping all your gadgets fired up and ready to go.

The SmartBag’s secret is its integrated SmartBattery, which will charge tablets, smartphones or up to 6 gadgets through built in USB outlets – so no cables to mess around with (or forget). And if that’s not enough charge, you can add up to three expansion batteries to power your laptop (or even more gadgets). There’s a customisable laptop compartment, a tablet pocket and a holder on the shoulder strap for your smartphone so it’s easy to access without rummaging through the contents of your bag.

Plus, the SmartBag is made of tough Nylon reinforced with a foam layer and lined with a water resistant coating to keep all your bits of tech safe and dry wherever you are. So if you’ve been persuaded into a summer camping trip and don’t know how you’ll cope without your trading tech, the SmartBag could be an ideal companion.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 08.31.27Last but not least is the ‘Smart’ part – the AMPL mobile app allows you to access your gadgets without removing them from the SmartBag to check what’s charging, view power levels and change the charging order to give the gadget you need priority.

The app will even send you a notification if you leave your bag behind. Clever stuff.

Want one? You can pre-order your AMPL SmartBag from Indiegogo now for $249 + shipping – that’s $75 off the retail price. 

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