Littlefish Loves: The Brick

The product that’s got us all talking this week is Binatone’s aptly named ‘Brick’.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 13.56.38It’s the anti-smartphone: a sturdy handset with an iconic early ’90s design (think Gordon Gekko in Wall Street). 

You can’t use it to check Facebook, tweet from it or keep it in your pocket, and there’s no room for the latest app. But you can use it to make calls, play music and make conference calls over the built-in speaker without worrying about damaging your expensive smartphone.

It might take up a little more room in your bag – but you can make the extra room by leaving your charger at home, as The Brick lasts up to three months in standby mode on a single charge and will even charge your smartphone.

And forget downloading the latest complicated games (that you can only play if you annoy all your friends by sending them 143,789 invitations of Facebook). Get back to basics with the original mobile phone game and ultimate test of hand-eye coordination – hands up who remembers Snake?

If you’re feeling all nostalgic, order your Brick here.

And before you all start jumping on the retro phone trend, just remember @LFXSam did it first…

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 13.18.15


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