Littlefish Loves: Buffalo Icecycle

Cycling addict and already dreading being gym-bound over the winter? Worry not – Hammacher Schlemmer has a solution – The Buffalo Icecycle.

BuffaloIcecycleOriginally developed in Buffalo, New York, the IceCycle was invented so riders could zip across frozen rivers and canals on wintertime excursions – why learn to skate when you can ride around on the ice on one of these instead? The ice bicycle has a skate blade in place of a front wheel and four additional blades on a metal frame that surrounds the bike for stability.

All you have to do is┬ápedal to turn the studded rear wheel and propel the bike forward, and you’ll be gliding over the ice like something out of a sci-fi film in no time. Honest.

If you’re not convinced, you might be pleased to hear that the built-in metal frame will keep the bike stable, so you don’t need to worry about embarrassing yourself by toppling over on the ice.

We’re off to call our nearest ice rink to see if they’ll let us take to the ice on one of these…

The ultimate winter Traders’ Toy?

The Buffalo Icecycle is available now from Hammacher Schlemmer for $2,500.

And if you’d prefer to stick to the roads or you’ve yet to spot any ice this winter, kit out your regular bike in the meantime with the LFX Guide to Cycling Gadgets.


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