Littlefish Loves: Bugatti Noun

A toaster is a toaster, right? Well, no not quite. There are toasters, and then there’s the Bugatti Noun: a smart toaster that can cook much more than bread between two glass panels.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 13.01.38Italian appliance maker Bugatti (no relation to the cars, we’re afraid) spent two years perfecting its new toasting device, which replaces the traditional grills with transparent glass and layers of semi conductors to create a toaster that looks like something from the future.

And the most impressive part? The Bugatti Noun doesn’t just toast bread: it can cook meat, seafood, vegetables – basically anything that fits into a heat protective bag. And you can control the toaster using an app on your smartphone or tablet, so no more forgetting about your toast and coming back to two slices of charcoal.

Another bonus is that the heat is produced from infra-red rays which also zap any toxins that might be lurking in your meat – so there’s no risk of getting a dodgy tummy from a steak cooked in this space-age toaster. And if you opt to use it for a quick slice of toast, the evenly-heating conductors will ensure your toast is consistently, perfectly browned.

Sold? The Bugatti toaster will be available in Europe very soon and launches in the US in 2015. It’ll retail at around £600, making it the most expensive (but most impressive) toaster on the market. Keep an eye on for more information, and see the toaster in action in this video:

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