Littlefish Loves: Christophe & Co Armills

So you’ve got your brand new smart watch and your wearable fitness tracker, and you want something else to add to your accessory collection? We’ve got just the thing – luxury British brand Christophe & Co’s new collection of ‘smart bracelets’.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 09.01.46The hi-tech jewellery range is the result of a collaboration between Christophe & Co and Italian car design company Pininfarina (the guys behind Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Maserati’s design, to name but a few), so you can expect the design to be top-notch. And it is.

The term ‘armills’ refers to a traditional cuff bracelet worn by knights and royals for symbolic protection and to indicate status.

There are three Armills to choose from. First up is the 18k white-gold Virtus, of which 300 units will be produced. Next in line is the Orion, set in 18k rose-gold and encrusted with 260 channel-set diamonds – 100 of those will be released for sale. And the top dog is the Apollo, which is 18k gold, adorned with more than 1,500 hand-set diamonds, and ultra-ultra-limited edition (only 25 units will be produced). And all three can be engraved with a design on the owner’s choice, are custom fit and come housed in a ‘Vault’.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 15.43.55So we’ve got the ‘jewellery’ part, all right. But you might be wondering where the ‘smart’ or ‘hi-tech’ aspect comes in. Forget tracking steps and monitoring your heart rate – these wearables have much cooler functions, like using Bluetooth to get you guaranteed access into the most exclusive clubs and events, calling your PA at the touch of a button and giving you access to a 24-hour concierge service via the companion app. They’re even self-powering. Every time you wear your Armill, it’ll charge via the motion of your wrist. So if you wear your bracelet often enough, you won’t even need to charge it. And that’s not all – there will be future opportunities to upgrade the tech so your wearable never goes out of date, and custom functions can be added on request.

Naturally, the armills come with a pretty hefty price tag. The “entry-level” Virtus starts from £60,000, while the super exclusive Apollo comes in at £120,000.

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“I founded Christophe & Co to create a universal symbol of victory for those extraordinary individuals who not only achieve greatness in their own right but inspire it in others”.

– Aleksander Bernhard, Founder & CEO of Christophe & Co

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