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Ever been tempted to splash out on the latest smartwatch, then realised you’re too attached to your Rolex to wear anything else? What if someone came up with a way to combine your beloved existing timepieces with the latest smartwatch technology?

Well, that’s exactly what the clever folks over at Chronos have done. They’ve created a small silver disc you can attach to the back of your watch face to turn any timepiece into a smartwatch.

chronos1The Chronos measures in at 3mm thin and just 33mm in diameter, so it won’t interfere with your watch or make it look clunky – and it’ll fit onto 80% of watches sold today. Not sure if it’ll fit your watch? There’s a nifty sizing app available to help you find out.

Attach the Chronos to the back of your watch and you’ll be able to track your activity data using fitness apps, manage your notifications by giving priority to your most important contacts, and receive reminders through vibrations and LED lights. And with a 36-hour battery, it won’t be another gadget you have to remember to charge every night, either.

So you don’t need to buy an expensive smartwatch to replace your old favourites – simply smarten up the watches you already have. The best part is, you can switch from watch to watch whenever you like meaning you’re not stuck wearing the same watch every day.

One to add to your Christmas list?

The Chronos is available to pre-order here for $99 – it’ll ship in Spring 2016.





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