Littlefish Loves: Credistand

Trading on the go can be a bit of a headache if you’re used to trading with multiple screens. Obviously, you can’t lug several monitors to your favourite coffee shop, and train tables are hardly big enough for one laptop, let alone an extra screen. And if you’ve ever tried to use your smartphone as an extra screen, you’ll know that trying to balance it on its side so you can see the charts is no mean feat.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.02.42Enter Credistand – the portable smartphone stand that fits neatly into your wallet taking up no more space than a credit card, and pops out to prop up your phone when you need that extra screen. It’s made of polypropylene making it light, durable and flexible (so it won’t crack when you put your wallet in your pocket).

And the best part? It’ll set you back just $5 – a bargain price for easy trading on the go. The first Credistands will be sent out in October this year – find out more and order yours here.

Of course, in the meantime you can always make like @LFXSam and use an upturned plug…

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