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After a new pair of sunglasses and want something different than your traditional eyewear brands? How about a pair of specs developed by NASA and approved by the Space Foundation for their superior eye protection, making them equally suitable for your beach jollies or a long weekend on Mars?

space techIf you’ve always fancied yourself as an astronaut but were put off by the thought of no gravity and freeze-dried food, now you can own a little piece of NASA-developed technology and keep both feet firmly planted on Earth.

Eagle Eyes sunglasses came about when NASA scientists set to work developing technology to protect astronauts’ eyes from the harmful effects of solar radiation light.

In the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA researchers managed to mimic natural oil droplets found in eagles’ eyes that selectively filter out harmful radiation, only permitting specific wavelengths of light to pass through and resulting in extremely powerful visual clarity, even at long distances. Hence the name…

This space-transfer technology is the secret behind Eagle Eyes sunglasses’ unique lenses, which filter out 99.9% of the sun’s vision-destroying UVA, UVB, blue and violet light while letting through vision-enhancing light rays in green, yellow, orange and red for superb eye protection as well as great contrast, clarity and definition – handy if you’re prone to checking the charts on your mobile devices while you’re out and about in the sunshine.

Whether you’re an aviator type of guy or prefer a sportier frame, there are plenty of different styles to choose from.

And with prices starting from $44.95, they’re incredibly affordable too. Now, about that trip to Mars…

Find out more and choose your Eagle Eyes from the range here

Eagle Eyes


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