Littlefish Loves: Hands-Free Headgear

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You may remember a while back we wrote about Google Cardboard in a Littlefish Loves feature. If you missed it, Cardboard is a nifty little cardboard device that allows you to DIY a virtual reality headset using recycled cardboard and your smartphone, allowing you to try out VR for yourself without shelling out for an Oculus Rift. (Read more about Google Cardboard here).

Pretty cool, right? There was just one problem, though. Holding the little cardboard creation while enjoying your virtual reality content wasn’t exactly practical.

So Hands-Free Headgear have come up with a solution: a wearable adapter that allows you to secure Google Cardboard to your face.

It’s basically the bones of a helmet designed to hold your Google Cardboard without digging into your face or causing discomfort. So you can enjoy your VR environment without holding onto your Google Cardboard. And if you need any further persuading that you need one in your life… here you go:


Cheetos. Beer. Virtual Reality movies (he’s watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, in case you were wondering).

It doesn’t get much better…

Hands-Free Headgear is available from Amazon now – or buy the Hands Free Headgear adapter and a Google Cardboard viewer from Hands-Free Headgear for the combined price of $39.95.

To find out more, click here.


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