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Ever find yourself trying to focus on the charts but distracted by your colleagues rambling on about basically nothing or actually paying more attention to the TV you’ve switched on for a bit of background noise?

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 16.37.58These innovative new earbuds from Doppler Labs could be the answer. Here is a wireless interactive listening system made up of two wireless earbuds and a smartphone app that allows you to decide what you listen to. Basically, Here acts as a studio inside your ear, providing you with a volume knob, equaliser and effects so you can amplify the sounds you want to hear and tune out the ones you don’t. Pretty cool stuff.

Here are just a few sounds you can tune out with the Here listening system:

  • Airplane jets
  • Babies crying
  • Traffic noise when you’re trying to sleep or work
  • Office chatter
  • Music that’s too loud (yes, this is a sign you’re getting old – but at least now you can pretend you’re loving the loud music while secretly turning it down)

The Here system is currently raising funds via Kickstarter, where they’ve already smashed their £250,000 target having raised over £370,000 with three weeks to go until their deadline. So get involved here and be one of the first to try out the Here system when it becomes available!

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