Littlefish Loves: Ikea’s Wireless Charging Furniture

If your trading desk is constantly swimming in cables and chargers or you’re guilty of leaving your charger at the office and having to go gadget-free at home, new wireless charging furniture might just be the solution for you.

Swedish furniture giant Ikea announced the launch of their first ever furniture line to include wireless charging points at Mobile World Congress 2015. The ‘Home Smart’ furniture will power up phones, tablets and other mobile devices without the need for messy cables and multiple chargers.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 12.25.17The line will include desks, lamps and bedside tables, all of which will have special “charging pads” built-in – and you’ll also be able to buy charging kits for existing furniture. All you have to do is leave your mobile device on the pad for a power top-up.

The furniture will utilise Qi wireless charging technology Рbasically, embedded magnetic coils that generate a small electromagnetic field that Qi-enabled devices can convert into power. More than 80 different smartphones offer support for Qi, including Samsung, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia and HTC devices (but not iPhones Рyet). And it looks like plenty more will be added to the list in the near future. 

Wireless charging¬†hit the headlines earlier this year when McDonalds and Starbucks announced plans to offer wireless charging points, but Ikea’s furniture line is the first to bring it to the home.

If you’re a fan of trading tech and always after the latest gadget, this might just be the answer to keeping your desk clear (and stop you wasting time untangling cables from your multiple chargers).

Ikea plan to launch the furniture line in Europe and North America in April.

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