Littlefish Loves: Levitation Light Saber Pen

Okay, so however much you were looking forward to getting back to the trading charts after Christmas, there’s always something a little bit depressing about sitting back down to your desk in January. So what better way to brighten it up than with a Star Wars-inspired Levitation Light Saber Pen?

Light-SaberThe Levitation Light Saber Pen was created by ST DuPont Paris to celebrate The Force Awakens, the seventh instalment of the sci-fi classic. It’s a top-quality fountain pen available in two designs: one based on Darth Vader’s lightsaber and the other modelled as Yoda the Jedi Master’s. Both are made of bronze coated in black lacquer, palladium and rhodium with a two-carat topaz top in red for Vader and green for Yoda. And the best part is, they both come with a magically-levitating platform stand that’ll absolutely make your stationery the talking point of the trading office. And there are only 8 of each available worldwide – so it’s must-have memorabilia for any self-confessed Star Wars geeks out there.

But being one of only 16 people in the world to own a levitating light saber pen doesn’t come cheap – in fact, it’ll set you back a cool £16,625. Which is quite an upgrade from that old biro…

You can buy the Levitation Light Saber Pen from Wheelers – see it in action below. And if you want a slightly less extravagant way to overhaul your trading desk, check out our guide to the Best Office Equipment and Gadgets here

All image credit to Wheelers. 

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