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Ever fancied having a go at making your own gadget, then realised you know nothing about programming and quickly decided it’s not for you? Well, Sony’s new bit of kit could be just what you’re after.

Mesh-4Sony’s MESH is made up of four colourful smart tags, each of which has its own special function. The blue tag is kitted out with a motion detecting sensor, the orange with an LED, and the green tag works as a button to switch the other tags on and off. And the grey tag is the really clever one, allowing users to control other objects.

You’ll need an iPad to control your tags and set up your projects (although MESH is expected to be compatible with other platforms and tablets soon, so Microsoft fans can breathe a sigh of relief).

And if you’re wondering what exactly you can do with this contraption, so far people have used MESH to:

  • Make stuffed animals speak
  • Create an automatic light inside a closet
  • Prototype a wearable device
  • Make a bin thank people for putting rubbish inside it
  • Add a motivation coach to bits of gym equipment
  • Control lights automatically

And we’re sure the list will be ever-growing.

If you’ve got a genius idea for a gadget and want to get your hands on the MESH to make the set-up simple, click here to shop MESH now

Or watch the video below to see it in action:

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