Littlefish Loves: Mr Fogg’s

LFXLovesFoggsWelcome to the latest new feature in our Trader Lifestyle section, Littlefish Loves.

It’s nothing complicated, just an excuse for us here at the Fish Bowl to wax lyrical about anything that puts a smile on our faces outside of office hours. Whether that’s a cool new watch, a pair of ace running trainers, a new car we want to get our hands on, the latest gadget or simply a great place to eat or drink. Basically anything we’d be happy to spend our hard earned moolah on.

And it won’t surprise you to learn that we’re going to begin with our current favourite watering hole…

Littlefish Loves: Mr Fogg’s

What is it:
Why, it’s a bar of course. And a ruddy good one at that. Admittedly, it does help that it is situated about a minute’s walk away from where we work, which is always going to be a bonus. But there are plenty of bars in Mayfair, and Mr Fogg’s is by far our favourite.

Fogg2As the name suggests, it’s a classy drinking joint devoted to all things Phileas Fogg, the eccentric fictional hero as depicted by Jules Verne in his 1873 novel Around the World in Eighty Days. And as with any themed bars, if it’s going to be done, it has to be done properly. And, as Phileas might well proclaim himself, by golly do they do it properly here.

Travel artifacts, retro trinkets and old empire flags deck the walls, while Penny Farthings and hot air balloons hang from the ceiling. Not forgetting the glares of the stuffed Indian tigers, which become eerier the more cocktails you have. All of which are served by friendly staff dressed in military uniforms, with suitably light jazz ditties adding to the atmos.

Where is it:
Situated on Bruton Lane in an unflattering back alley behind Grafton Street in Mayfair, you might want to reassure any newbies that you’re not up to anything dodgy. Instead, distract them by pointing at the hidden Banksy high on the side of a building, depicting a woman falling with a shopping trolley, before heading for the Victorian lanterns hanging outside of Mr Fogg’s front door. A kindly officer will welcome you in, take any coats and bags, and – if you’ve booked – take you to your seats. If not, head straight to the bar stools.

Why we love it:
Other than the fact the place absolutely nails the theme of old British Empire, travel and exploration (the audiobook of the novel even plays in the toilet), the drinks are superb. The extensive drinks menu proves that cocktails are evidently the speciality, but if you’ve only time for one drink? We thoroughly recommend the Ola Dubh barrel-aged beer. Surprisingly delicious for a beer that is 8%…FoggsLFX1

Try it yourself:
Go visit:
15 Bruton Lane, London, W1J 6JD

Or check out their website or email in order to make a reservation:

You can also follow old Phileas on Twitter too. Needless to say the tweets are all in character and thoroughly spiffing: