Littlefish Loves: Necker Island

LFXLovesNeckerIn the second of our Littlefish Loves series, we’re stepping it up a notch and going from a favourite London bar, to a paradise holiday island.

Two years since it was destroyed by a fire, Richard Branson’s famed Great House on his private Necker Island is back open for business, with pictures published this week showing just how much of a success the renovation has been.

So at $60k a night, you might want to start saving for your summer holidays…

Littlefish Loves: Necker Island

What is it:
Necker Island is Virgin boss Richard Branson’s very own 74-acre isle and the place he considers the most beautiful in the world. The Great House is where he stays when he’s in residence, his famous home from home that was devastatingly ravaged by fire caused by a lightning strike in August 2011.

Kate Winslett was among those visiting when the fire struck, and the actress made the news for rescuing Branson’s 90-year-old mother Eve as the flames engulfed the mansion.

The good news back then, was that there were no injuries and everyone got out safe and sound. The good news now, is that the Great House is back in business following a stunning rebuild. And naturally, Richard is planning a party…

Where is it:
The island is situated in the idyllic surroundings of the British Virgin Islands, within flying distance of a number of Caribbean destinations such as Antigua and Puerto Rico. It’s known for welcoming a who’s who of international stars, and you’re also welcome to anchor a yacht off the island if you fancy sailing into the area.

Why we love it:
What’s not to love. As if the coral reefs and tropical rainforest aren’t enough, there’s the 1,500 sq ft ocean-view master suite with private terrace, eight additional bedrooms with balcony, six Bali houses, a roof crow’s nest, a zip line to the beach, hot tubs and of course, a fully-stocked bar. The place is also fully staffed.

Not only that, but along with a “re-opening party” that Branson has been tweeting about, there’s also a tennis tournament taking place, featuring Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick. Richard is certainly game for a challenge…

Try it yourself:
Part of the Virgin Limited Edition collection, if you’re fortunate enough not to baulk at the $60k-a-night cost, you can enquire about hiring the whole island exclusively for yourself and up to 30 very grateful guests. Or if you’re looking for something a little less extravagant, you can rent individual rooms during “Celebration Weeks”.

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