Littlefish Loves: Neptune Duo

Smart watches are not new. But the concept behind the star of this week’s Littlefish Loves, the Neptune Duo, definitely is.

Hub - Apps

Now, most smart watches aren’t actually that smart. They might track everything from your morning runs to your sleeping patterns, but most rely on a partnering smartphone to turn this data into something useful.

Hub - Internal ViewThe Neptune Duo is different. The watch part is the central Hub, where all your data, files and connectivity are stored.

You can do everything you do with your smartphone on the curved 2.4inch screen of the Duo Hub – making calls, scrolling through social media, sending texts, checking the charts. But there’s an obvious problem, right? Sometimes you need more screen space than that.

Pocket screenThat’s where the second part of the Duo comes in – the Pocket Screen, which is lighter, thinner and cheaper than a smartphone (because it doesn’t need to be very smart – it’s simply an interface for the Hub) but gives you a 5-inch 720p display to work with. Much better for keeping up to date with the charts.

So, why is it better to have all of your data on your wrist? There are a few reasons – first of all, you’re less likely to forget something that’s strapped to your wrist, and if you forget your Pocket Screen, not only can you access all the Duo’s functions via the Hub, Pocket Screens are also interchangeable, so you can borrow a mate’s. Plus, the Hub is less likely to get lost or stolen, and because it contains all your data, if your Pocket Screen goes missing, you haven’t lost any apps or files. And last but not least, the Pocket Screen doubles as a battery juice pack for the Hub, so the Duo will last for a few days on a single charge.

Interested? Watch the video below to find out more or click here to reserve or pre-order.

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