Littlefish Loves: Nespresso

The star of this week’s Littlefish Loves: Nespresso is another one of @LFXSam‘s office essentials: a Nespresso coffee machine.

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We know that for many of you, the trading day doesn’t begin until you’ve had your first cup of coffee. So imagine how much more bearable a Monday morning would be if you were greeted with a fresh, steaming cup of coffee.

Enter Nespresso. All you have to do to get your morning caffeine fix is pop in a pod and press a button. No mess, no hassle, and next to no waiting, so you can get straight into your trading day.

And you can choose from over 30 different coffee pod flavours, so whether you’re a creature of habit or like to change up your morning coffee, there’s something for you.

The machines come in a range of colours, sizes and designs to co-ordinate with your office decor… andĀ the larger models even come with a separate milk-frothing container for the cappuccino fiends among you.

Choose your machine here now, or watch theĀ advert below (but do bear in mind that we can’t promise you’ll look like George Clooney while making your coffee…)

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