Littlefish Loves: Nourish

If you always mean to eat healthily and fully intend on hitting the gym before your trading desk each morning but somehow never quite get round to it, maybe it’s time to embrace the health and fitness gadgets designed to make turning your good intentions into reality that little bit easier. (For the full lowdown on all the latest health and fitness trends and gadgets, click here).

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.31.06Top of our list is Nourish, a supplement machine that borrows its tech from much-hyped coffee pod machines but instead of delivering your morning coffee injection, produces shots full of vitamins and minerals to kick-start your healthy eating regime. It has up to 16 pods (called ‘seeds’) on top filled with enough nutrients to last you about a month, and it’ll alert you when you’re running out.

Whether you need a good dose of protein for a workout, a caffeine blast to get you ready for a busy trading day or a side of hangover-combating vitamins, just tell the Nourish what you need and it’ll dish up a customised shot of goodness.

And if you’re already a fitness gadget guru, you’ll be pleased to know the Nourish will sync with your existing exercise trackers, food loggers and help apps to suggest an optimal amount of nutrients – so you don’t even have to decide which supplements you need.

The Nourish is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo – you can pledge $299 and be one of the first to own a Nourish and a month’s supply of nutrients. 

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