Littlefish Loves: Fed Rate Hike Survivors Shirt

Littlefish Loves is a regular feature bringing you our favourite product of the week – whatever’s got us talking at Littlefish HQ. Expect the latest must-have gadgets, cool stuff for the office and ingenious inventions, as well as the occasional product that’s just plain barmy…

Fed-Rate-Hike-TeeThis week’s Littlefish Loves isn’t about a new gadget or wishlist-worthy supercar. Instead, we’ve picked out an essential addition to your trading wardrobe with this Fed Rate Hike Survivors Shirt from Quartz.

The black t-shirt with the slogan “I survived the Fed rate hike of 2015” is perfect for lazy trading days, office dress-down days, weekends – heck, pretty much any day. Plus, you get to shamelessly and silently brag about your successful trading, which is always a good thing.

There’s not much more to say on this one really, except that this t-shirt should be part of every trader’s wardrobe.

We’re almost tempted to order one for each day of the week and wear an identical wardrobe every day of the week, a la Mark Zuckerberg. Overkill? Maybe. But we definitely want one.

The Quartz Fed Rate Hike Survivors Shirt is available to order from for £8.05

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