Littlefish Loves: Smarter Coffee Machine

The newest must-have office (and home) gadget that we’ve got our eye on is all about making your morning cup of coffee a little bit smarter.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 09.37.59Launched at CES 2015, the Smarter Coffee Machine syncs to an app so it can do wonderful things like wake you up when your first caffeine dose of the day is ready, let you know when the machine has run out of beans and even send you a note when you get home (or arrive at the office) asking if you’d like it to make you a fresh pot.

And when you need a mid-morning cuppa, all you have do is send the machine a notification from your phone and it’ll get straight to it – meaning you can spend more precious minutes watching the charts and less time standing over the coffee machine or waiting for the kettle to boil.

And as if that wasn’t reason enough to want one – here’s the cleverest part. It will remember exactly how you like your coffee (and you just have to ask if you want it stronger or weaker) and if you sync it up to Apple’s HomeKit wearables it will even track your sleeping patterns and automatically make you a stronger cup if it senses you’ve had a bad night’s sleep. 

Genius? We think so. The Smarter Coffee Machine launches in March and will cost £129.

If you can’t wait that long (or you’re more of a tea drinker) you can get the iKettle now – it also syncs to an app to boil on command and wake you when your brew is ready.

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