Littlefish Loves: The Coolbox Toolbox

There’s not much enjoyable about building flatpack furniture – but go at it armed with the Coolbox Toolbox and it might almost be fun. (We said might. Come on, we’re not miracle workers).

coolbox1The man box of dreams, the Coolbox Toolbox will store all of your tools, as you might expect, but that’s not all. It has a whiteboard under the lid so you can jot down notes, measurements or trading ideas that come to you while you’re building, and built-in 40 watt marine-grade Bluetooth speakers to stream your tunes as you work.

It also has charging points and a built-in LED floodlight, making it a moving house essential (because no-one ever remembers to buy lightbulbs in advance, and building the entire contents of IKEA by torchlight is never going to work).

The lid is magnetic, so it’ll keep all your nuts, bolts and screws together so you don’t have to rummage around in the bottom of the box for that elusive screw, and it has two tablet docks so you can watch TV as you build (or keep an eye on the charts – we know you too well…)

So that you don’t lose track of time (which is easily done when tackling the Herculean task of assembling wardrobes) it has a built-in digital clock, and our personal favourite feature is the bottle opener attached.

The ultimate trader toy for anyone who’s partial to a spot of DIY (however reluctantly).

The Coolbox Toolbox is available to pre-order here. Or watch the video below to find out more…

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