Littlefish Loves: The Grip Strip

Littlefish Loves is a regular feature bringing you our favourite product of the week – whatever’s got us talking at Littlefish HQ. Expect the latest must-have gadgets, cool stuff for the office and ingenious inventions, as well as the occasional product that’s just plain barmy…

Sometimes, our Littlefish Loves features are all about incredibly complex, futuristic, crazily expensive gadgets and pieces of tech: virtual trading desks, the latest super cars, robots who remember how you like your coffee. And sometimes, they’re about the little things – the cheap, simple, yet completely genius little gizmos that will change our lives forever.

gripstrip2Like the Grip Strip, for example. It’s not particularly high tech (in fact, it’s only about one step up from Blu-Tac on the complexity scale) but it can work scientific miracles and make your possessions defy gravity, thanks to its revolutionary polymer compound which works like “the clinging feet of a tenacious gecko”, apparently.

With no magnets, glue, straps or anything else to interfere with your shiny new gadgets, the Grip Strip is resistant to heat, water and sunlight. And it never needs replenishing either – if it starts to lose its sticking power, all you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth and it’ll be good as new.

Most at home on a car dashboard, the Grip Strip creates a place for your smartphone, keys, spare change and anything else that’s usually found rolling around somewhere in the footwell of your car. It also makes a perfect mount for your sat nav or phone for hands-free calls, or take it to work and slap it on your desk to stop your bits and pieces from disappearing under your paperwork mountain.

And those are just the sensible uses. With a bit of imagination, there’s plenty more fun to be had…

The Grip Strip is available from Firebox for £6.99

Image Credit: Firebox

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