Littlefish Loves: The Travel Wallet

If you travel a lot for either business or pleasure, you’ll know what one of the most stressful aspects of travelling (be it by plane, train or automobile) is finding all the relevant travel docs at the right time. Short of carrying around a wad of papers and ID, the best you can do is frantically rummage through bags and pockets as you approach yet another desk where you require yet another piece of paper.

bellroyThe Travel Wallet by Bellroy offers another solution, though. It’s a slim, sleek leather wallet – in fact, it looks pretty much like your standard wallet, but it’s much smarter. First of all, it’ll hold 10+ credit cards, which is the most important stipulation for any wallet, surely. But as well as that there’s space for your passport, sections for tickets, bills and other important paperwork, and even a micro travel pen (AND refills – they really have thought of everything).

So you can literally fit everything you need to get from A to B in your pocket. And in a more organised fashion than scrumpled up pieces of paper. Why has nobody thought of this before?!

Click here to get your Bellroy Travel Wallet for £89.00: there’s a choice of four colours including cocoa (aka light brown), midnight (black), mocha (dark brown) and slate (grey). 

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