Littlefish Loves: The WalkCar

Sick of hanging around waiting for tubes, sitting in traffic, paying for city-centre parking or any of the long list of well-known commuting-related grumbles? Well, Japanese tech company Cocoa Motors have the answer with their new WalkCar vehicle – whizz to work like you’re in a sci-fi film or riding a particularly futuristic skateboard, then just hop off and put your board in your bag before heading to the office to start your trading day.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.26.07Cocoa Motors are billing the WalkCar as “the world’s smallest electric car” and “a car in a bag” – imagine a Segway that fits into your backpack. Roughly the size of a pretty chunky laptop, the WalkCar weighs in at just 6.6 pounds and will fit into most backpacks, briefcases or laptop sleeves.

It’ll get you from A to B at up to 6.2 miles an hour, and because the WalkCar has four wheels (unlike traditional Segways, which have two self-balancing wheels) it’ll be a little easier to balance and you’ll be a little less prone to embarrassing rush-hour mishaps.

Cocoa Motors will start taking pre-orders for the WalkCar in October and expect the vehicle to cost around $800.

If the WalkCar is next on your trader tech wish list,¬†find out more at or see the WalkCar in action in the video below…¬†

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