Littlefish Loves: Thread

Littlefish Loves is a brand new feature bringing you our favourite product or service of the week. Expect the latest must-have gadgets, cool stuff for the office and ingenious inventions, as well as the occasional one that’s just plain barmy…

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 11.07.18This week, Littlefish himself (@LFXSam) has got us all into Thread. Don’t you wish you were one of those effortlessly stylish people who always looks well-turned out? But who has time to spend keeping track of what’s on trend, planning outfits and traipsing round the shops these days?

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 11.10.55Enter Thread: the free online personal shopper service that’ll do the hard work for you, making sure you’re always well-dressed, with minimum effort.

After registering, all you’re required to do is select a few example options that you like to give your new stylist an idea of your taste and desired style, add a photo (not obligatory), and then wait as your new styles arrive into your inbox.

So you can save your time for the important things (like keeping on top of those trading charts). Why didn’t someone think of this before?!

You’ll be ready for that Vogue cover in no time (well, we can live in hope).

Ladies, note that Thread isn’t available for us just yet – but if you sign up here, you’ll be automatically added to their priority announce list so you’ll be the first to know when the female version is up and running. 

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