Littlefish Loves: Tipron Cerevo

This week’s Littlefish Loves is for anyone who’s eagerly anticipating the day they can get their hands on their very own robot butler. And yes, we’re counting ourselves in that. The Tipron Cevero might not be able to cook, clean or bring you a beer just yet – but it can project your trading charts or favourite film on any wall in your house.

CerevoIt’s a mobile cyclops robot that can project images and videos onto any wall or screen, complete with accompanying sound, and without any set-up. So it could also come in handy for meetings – no more messing about with faulty projectors and unidentified cables before your presentations.

It’ll project up to an 80-inch screen and can adapt its size to suit various surfaces. When it’s not in use, it’ll shrink itself down to a compact 40cm, so it won’t take up too much room in your trading office.

You can even programme it to remember your favourite locations, or send it to a particular spot at a particular time. And it’ll automatically return to “base” when it’s time to recharge. Very cool.

It’ll be available to pre-order in Spring 2016, and pricing information has yet to released.

Find out more here, or see it in action in the video below…

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