Littlefish Loves: Yacht Island Design

This week’s Littlefish Loves is definitely one for your wish list… how would you like to take a trip on a yacht with its own private tropical island onboard, a spaceship-inspired yacht or a miniature floating Monaco complete with a fully functional racing track?

Yacht Island Design are working to make these unbelievable themed yachts a reality, and their concept images are definitely worth a look. Read on to see what’s in store…

The Streets of Monaco

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 17.30.12

First up is a yacht based on the glitzy Mediterranean principality with a kart track reminiscent of the famous grand prix circuit taking centre stage. Also on board will be all of Monaco’s most famous landmarks, including the Casino, Prince’s Palace, Port Hercule and La Rascasse.

As well as the unapologetically ostentatious exterior, the yacht boasts a beach deck, sight-seeing submarine, spa with manicure and hair salon, cafe bar, fully equipped gym, open fireplaces, spiral staircases, waterfalls, garden areas, library, cinema, wine cellar, casino and dance room. You’d never need to leave…

Tropical Island Paradise

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 17.35.42If floating around the sea on a miniature Monaco doesn’t take your fancy, how about a tropical island? The second yacht concept dreamed up by Yacht Island Designs is an idyllic floating island with a volcano, waterfall, swimming pool, beach-style cabanas and a helicopter landing pad. The private owners’ suite is built into the volcano and has its own private spa.

Also onboard is a deployable beach deck for watersports and sea-level relaxation (y’know, just in case sipping a cocktail at the foot of a volcano on a floating island isn’t relaxing enough for you). And inside you’ll find a cinema, library, games room, gym, lounges and fully equipped spa. And Yacht Island Designs will work with you to design the bespoke island yacht of your dreams…

Project Utopia

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 17.36.15The latest concept Yacht Island Designs have dreamed up is the spaceship-inspired Project Utopia. Eschewing traditional yacht design, Project Utopia is probably the most futuristic yacht to take to the seas and will probably cause more than a few extraterrestrial scares.

100m in length with 11 decks, Project Utopia has the equivalent volume of a cruise liner, which makes room for a shopping centre, theatre, culinary zone with a mix of restaurants and an entertainment zone with bars, nightclubs and a casino. It’s definitely out-of-this world…

For more information on Yacht Island Design Concepts, head to We can’t wait to see what they come up with next… 

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