Littlefish Loves: the Nap Tie

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This week, Littlefish Loves Hammacher Schlemmer’s ‘Driven Executive’s Nap Tie’. Ever had one of those afternoons that seems to drag on forever, when you could just do with five minutes’ shuteye? Of course you have. But nodding off on a hard desk top is neither comfortable nor practical.

Enter the Nap Tie. It’s a necktie with a built-in, practically undetectable inflatable pillow so you can nap inconspicuously and in comfort. A perfect gift for yourself or a sleep-deprived colleague. Worried about getting caught out? It’s been scientifically proven that a 10-minute nap increases your workday productivity. But don’t blame us if your boss doesn’t buy that excuse…

Watch the Pillow Tie in action here:

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