The Best of Littlefish Loves 2015

Our Littlefish Loves section is all about spotting the latest must-have products, crazy gadgets and basically whatever’s got us talking at Littlefish FQ. So as 2015 draws to a close, we’re rounding up the best products of 2015 with our top five Littlefish Loves of the year. Read on for our top picks in food, cars, tech and travel.

Plus, have your say on the most memorable news stories of the year by voting for your favourites in our Fishies Awards 2015) – there’s still time to get your votes in!

Littlefish Loves: Food

smartercoffeeThe winner of this year’s culinary category is the Smarter Coffee Machine. What do you mean, coffee isn’t food?! News to us. Anyway, everyone knows coffee is the ultimate trading fuel, and having it on demand (so our first cup of coffee is ready when we wake up and a constant stream of caffeine is only a text message away) is what dreams are made of.

Runner-up: The June Intelligent Oven. Because anything that makes us look like expert chefs with zero time and effort is a winner in our eyes.

Littlefish Loves: Cars

ferrari-488-spider-2The latest cars we wish we owned are Littlefish Loves regulars, so this was a tricky one to choose – but we’ve gone for the Ferrari 488 Spider. The convertible little sister version of the Ferrari 488 GBT (and Ferrari most aerodynamic vehicle ever) was unveiled back in August and has sat firmly at the top of our Trader Toy Wish List ever since.

Runner-up: The AeroMobil. Because why wouldn’t you want a flying sports car?

Littlefish Loves: Tech

wacom-bamboo-spark-3There were a lot of contenders for best products of 2015 in the tech category, but our winner is the Bamboo Spark, because digitising our notes and trading plans is literally the only we hope we have of being able to find our desks under a paperwork mountain come January. Top of our 2016 resolutions is not to make any notes without this nifty gadget to hand. Now there’s no excuse for all those notes we keep scribbling throughout our trading sessions not to make it into our trading journals.

Runner-up: The Hendo Hoverboard. Purely because it’s the closest we got to a real life hoverboard (a la Back to the Future) before experiencing November 2015 for real.

Littlefish Loves: Travel

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 17.35.42This one wasn’t difficult – Yacht Island Designs were the hands-down winners. I mean, what other way to travel but onboard your own private tropical island, a spaceship-shaped yacht that’ll be responsible for more than a few extraterrestrial scares or on a Monaco-inspired vessel complete with its own full-size, fully functional racing track.

Runner-up: eleMMent Palazzo Motorhome – because if you’re travelling the sea on your own private island, you’ll need something more impressive than a tent for next year’s festivals.

Littlefish Loves: Misc

AltworkBecause not everything we’ve featured in our Littlefish Loves articles this year would fit into one of the categories above, we thought it only fair to have a category especially for the leftovers and odd bods. And the winner of the Misc category could only be the Altwork Station – aka the ultimate lazy trading desk and the main reason we probably won’t leave the LFX office in 2016.

Runner-up: Hammacher Schlemmer’s Gotham Golf Cart. Because it’s the closest we’re ever going to get to driving an actual Batmobile.

So that’s it for 2015! Have your say on the best of the year in our 2015 Fishies Awards – and make sure you stay tuned for more must-have products and crazy gadgets in Littlefish Loves in January.

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