The Fishies 2015: The Nominees

It’s awards season! Time to introduce the Fishies 2015: the nominees.

Get those tuxes and ball gowns at the ready, pop the bubbly and find your camera… as 2015 draws to a close, it’s time for the third annual Littlefish FX Fishies, our end-of-year awards.

Inspired by our weekly Five Lessons Learnt This Week, our digest of the best weird and wonderful news from sport, politics, finance, technology and anything else that takes our fancy, in The Fishies we pick the people, brands, trends and stories that have caught our eye in 2015.

So without further ado, here are this year’s nominees…

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Person of the Year

PersonThis year, we figured the famous figures and well-known names have had their share of glory. So the nominees for Person of the Year are the unsung heroes of 2015…

Xuming Liang & Ivan Zelich

The teenagers who collaborated over the internet and across timezones to develop a theorem that’s changed the face of mathematics and the way we see the universe.

See Lesson no. 2, November 6th

Daniel Sobey-Harker

For getting drunk, accidentally buying $500 of Bitcoin and making it rain pizza in the US. Legend.

See Lesson no. 5, July 31st

Russell Smith

For “scooting” from Land’s End to John O’Groats (975 miles) for charity, racking up two world records in the process. Impressive stuff…

See Lesson no. 4, September 4th 

Nedko Solakov

The concept artist who designed a unique and innovative piece of artwork for the European Bank, and was paid 1.25 million euros for the pleasure. The catch? His “artwork” was actually just a large rock. Genius.

See Lesson no. 4, October 9th

Maria Koltakova 

The 93-year-old WWII veteran who did her first parachute jump this year and is now planning a trip to space. You’re only as old as you feel…

See Lesson no. 5, September 18th

Central Banker of the Year

Central BankerSometimes loved, sometimes hated, but always discussed, analysed and scrutinised. Here are the central bankers whose every word we’ve been hanging onto this year…

Janet Yellen
First up on our list of nominees is Janet Yellen : purely for holding to her principles and taking her time.

Mark Carney
For his answers in treasury select committees.

Mario Draghi
For his consistency in excellent tie choice.

Alejandro Vanoli
Because the Argentinian central banker created the smoothest return curve of any currency vs. USD – take a look at his charts, it’s mental.

Zhou Xiaochuan
Last but not least is Chinese central banker Zhou Xiaochuan, purely because of his currency war tactics and his potential to help create one of the world’s largest superpowers.

Product of the Year

ProductThe best (and weirdest) new gadgets and gizmos are a big part of our Trader Lifestyle features. Here are our faves from 2015:

Altwork Station

The ultimate lazy trading chair. We may never leave the office again…

See Littlefish Loves, November 6th

The Bamboo Spark

Digitised notes mean you’ll never lose your trading plan in the paperwork mountain again. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

See Littlefish Loves, September 16th

Turing Phone

An indestructible, unhackable, totally unbreakable smartphone – ideal for busy traders on the go (or anyone who’s a bit clumsy at times – we’ll admit to falling into that category).

See Littlefish Loves, July 22nd

The AeroMobil 

Come on – a flying sports car? This one had to make the list…

See Littlefish Loves, March 18th

Smarter Coffee Machine

Coffee on demand – programme it to sync with your alarm clock, or just ping it a notification when you fancy a cuppa. We definitely want one of these for LFX HQ…

See Littlefish Loves, January 14th 

Biggest F**k Up of the Year

FUpBecause we all love to giggle at other people getting it wrong (and they’re getting a Fishie award out of it, so we’re not just being mean).


The very car manufacturer who built an entire marketing campaign around their “reliability” USP proved themselves both unreliable and untrustworthy overnight – and it cost them billions.

See Lesson no. 5, September 25th

KFC’s insulting gravy

KFC are definitely a contender for “Worst Customer Service of the Year” after handing a customer a pot of gravy with a label reading “F**k Off”. Charming…

See Lesson no. 1, October 9th

A smashing time

Pub landlord Mark Swistun had a shocker when his pub staff refused to serve him a pint after 11pm – so he returned with a JCB and smashed the pub to smithereens. How will he get a pint now?

See Lesson no. 5, October 9th

Deja vu

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe not only read out the wrong speech at the opening of parliament – he’d read out a speech he’d actually given once already. You know what they say – fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

See Lesson no. 2, September 18th

A royal rumour

BBC reporter Ahmen Khawaja had a journalists’ nightmare after “rehearsing” the Queen’s obituary – and accidentally putting a tweet live announcing that the Queen was in hospital, despite the fact that Lizzie was actually safe and well at home. Oops…

See Lesson no. 1, June 5th

Marketing Campaign of the Year

MarketingNow that we’ve had a laugh at the expense of the people who’ve got it wrong this year, it’s only right to put our hands together for the ones who got it bang on…

Airbnb’s floating house

Why make an advert or hand out leaflets when you can pop a bright blue house in the middle of the Thames?

See Lesson no. 1, May 22nd

Free pints

If Carlsberg did marketing campaigns…

See Lesson no. 2, April 10th

Burger King wedding

How do you create an internet storm? Pick two lucky customers coincidentally named Mr. Burger and Ms. King and pay for their wedding…

See Lesson no. 4, April 10th

Release the pounds

Giving away money is always going to turn heads. Particularly when we’re talking £10 notes folded into origami Beagles…

See Lesson no. 1, March 27th

Secret Aston Martin

The DBX Aston Martin crossover car was revealed at the Geneva International Motor Show – but it was such a secret, even Aston Martin execs didn’t know the car was set to appear: until it did.

See Lesson no. 3, March 6th

Driving Fail of the Year

DrivingThis year’s Five Lessons Learnt have been plastered with examples of how not to hit the roads – from parking problems to road rage. Here’s our top five.

Wheelie unfair

Traffic wardens really do have no mercy. Not even for wayward wheelie bins.

See Lesson no. 1, January 23rd

Imaginary driver

Driverless cars can get pulled over by the police, too. It’s a short conversation though. They’re not big fans of small talk.

See Lesson no. 1, November 20th

Snow parking

Stealing people’s parking space is no laughing matter, so one driver took cold, hard revenge…

See Lesson no. 1, February 20th

Sat nav fail

Continue across the sea for one mile…

See Lesson no. 2, February 27th

50-lane traffic jam

Driving fails don’t get much more extreme than this.

See Video no. 1, October 9th

Twitter Exchange of the Year

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 13.59.51Throughout 2015, Twitter has been giving us daily doses of entertainment, from funny hash tags to customer service with a social media twist. Here are our top five…

British Airways

For taking customer complaints on the chin and not taking themselves too seriously.

See Lesson no. 1, October 30th

Mystic Brenna

A Twitter user correctly predicted the name of the royal baby – and has embraced her new clairvoyant status, coining the hashtag #soothsayerproblems.

 See Lesson no. 3, May 8th


The Twitter campaign demanding that restaurants stop serving food in plant pots, baskets and other random objects gave us hours of entertainment.

See Lesson no. 4, March 13th

No second date

Comedian Richard Herring ruined a man’s chances with his first date in 18 years – then took to Twitter to entertain us all with the story – and commiserate with the unlucky chap.

See Lesson no. 5, March 6th

Chilli Beef CV

Only Twitter could give Scottish teen Heather McNab the comfort she needed after accidentally applying for a job with a Jamie Oliver chilli beef recipe instead of her CV.

See Lesson no. 4, February 13th

Biggest Splurge of the Year

SplurgeThis year, our Five Lessons Learnt have been littered with stories of people’s unlikely spending habits and the most unexpected splurges. Here are our favourites…

All the screens

Russian billionaire Yuri Milner spent an unknown total (but it’s safe to say a lot) kitting out his $100m mansion with 50 flatscreen TVs. A traders’ dream?

See Lesson no. 3, October 23rd

Smartphone trading

A mystery buyer set a new smartphone trading record this year after buying £500,000 worth of gold bars via his mobile device.

See Lesson no. 4, October 2nd

WhatsApp swearing

Some people use their spare cash to buy mansions and collect gadgets, others swear over WhatsApp and get landed with fifty grand fines…

See Lesson no. 3, June 19th

I’ll pay by cash

Super-saver Mr. Gan is not the first to spend over £70,000 on a car. But he is probably the first (and last) to deliver the full amount to the car dealership in cash.

See Lesson no. 4, June 5th

Singles Day 

Chinese joke public holiday “Singles Day” has become the world’s biggest internet shopping day, with online retailers raking in 91.2 billion yen in one day.

See Lesson no. 2, November 13th

The winners of The Fishies Awards 2015 will be announced before we all head off on the Christmas break. So get your votes in while you can! Simply tweet @LFXKatie or @LittlefishFX with your nominations and we’ll count up all the votes to see who comes out on top!

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