Top 10 Cool New Startups You Need to Know About

Half a million startups are registered every year in the UK alone, so it can be hard to keep track of what’s out there. That’s why we round up the latest cool new apps, services and gadgets on the scene so you don’t have to.

From Google glass for your car to wines designed exclusively for you and the sunglasses that look great and do good, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest new startups you need to know about…


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 10.21.28The scoop: Navdy is “Google glass for your car” – a portable heads-up display that borrows fighter-pilot tech to project your smartphone display and car computer in front of your windscreen so you never have to look away from the road.

Background:  In 2012, 3,328 people were killed in the US alone by people driving distracted. That figure inspired founders Doug Simpson and Karl Guttag to do something about it.

Why we think they’re cool: Anything that makes driving safer and also makes our cars look like fighter jets is a winner in our books.

Find out more at


lumoidThe scoop: San Francisco startup Lumoid rent out electronic gadgets to anyone who wants to try the gear before they buy. Rent the Apple Watch, fitness trackers, drones, cameras or Google glass – and your rental fee will go towards the purchase price if you decide to buy.

Background: Lumoid founder and CEO Aarthi Ramamurthy brewed the idea for her startup while working at Netflix.

Why we think they’re cool: Because we don’t have time to read 172,364 reviews every time we buy a new gadget. Being able to try them for ourselves is a much better idea.

Start renting the latest gadgets at


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.07.45The scoop: GrapeSeed is one for wine lovers – a Kickstarter for vino. Users make contributions to build up a “wine fund” to redeem against exclusive wines made by top artisan winemakers – and get additional benefits like pre-release access and wine experiences.

Background: Founder Dave Trebilcock says he’s always been amazed at “how hard it is for even great winemakers to get their wines in front of the right consumers”. This is his solution.

Why we think they’re cool: It’s great if you love wine and want to try something new. And turning up to parties with an exclusive wine is a bit more impressive than grabbing a bottle from the corner shop.

Find out more at


The scoop: Coin is the startup thatScreen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.22.03‘s cleaning out your wallet by combining all your credit, debit, membership and loyalty cards into one bit of tech.

Background: Founder Kanishk Parashar found a partner when he posted a prototype circuit on Facebook and only rocket scientist Karthik Balakrishnan knew what it was. They met, they talked, and the company was born.

Why we think they’re cool: Because raking through our wallets in search of the right card is a pain – and we’ll never forget to collect our Clubcard points again.

Check it out at


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.41.36The scoop: Shortcut is an on-demand haircut service that’ll bring a barber to your home, office or hotel room in just a few taps.

Background: The founders of the Uber for haircuts (Will Newton, Irvin Slobodskaya and Jeff Umanksy) came up with the idea over dinner after first considering an at-home shoe shining business.

Why we think it’s cool: Because going to get our haircut is time and effort we could do without. Anything that makes it more convenient gets a thumbs-up from us.

Find out more at – the service is currently only available in New York City, but you can sign up for updates when they make it to a city near you. And Shortcut is just for the guys – but ladies, check out GLAMSQUAD for all your mobile hair and beauty appointments. 


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.56.15The scoop: Waveborn are a startup selling luxury Italian sunglasses – and giving the gift of sight. For each pair of sunglasses sold, Waveborn either provide a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need, or fund vision-restoring cataract surgeries around the world.

Background: CEO Mike Malloy juggled working on Waveborn in his free time while working full time, finishing his masters degree and travelling to Ultimate Frisbee competitions every weekend.

Why we think they’re cool: Sunglasses that look great and do good. What’s not to like?

Find out more or choose your style at


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 12.20.26The scoop: Tile is the startup that’ll make sure you never misplace your keys, wallet or bag ever again. Just attach a tile to anything you want to keep tabs on and track it from your smartphone.

Background: Tile began its life as a very successful Selfstarter campaign after founders Mike Farley and Nick Evans came up with the idea to make people’s lives easier.

Why we think they’re cool: Because we can’t even count the time this will save us searching for our keys on a morning.

Order your Tiles at


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 18.09.44The scoop: Ride25 offer cycling holidays and tours all over the world, all geared towards their vision that “people of all abilities, shapes and sizes will jump on a bike and leave their commitments behind”. And for every person who takes part in one of their cycling tours, they donate a bike to Africa.

Background: Ride25 is the brainchild of John Readman, who was inspired after taking part in a coast-to-coast cycle ride in aid of a local charity.

Why we think they’re cool: Because if you need a break from trading but you’re a competitive type who loves a challenge, this could be just the thing.

Check out their routes at


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 14.23.44The scoop: Squawka is the startup football fans need to know about – a 24/7 live football app providing a second screen that brings you real time stats and social interaction with other fans while you watch on the big screen.

Background: Co-founders Sanjit Atwal and Leo Harrison are big sports fans and Twitter users, and wanted to find a way to combine the two.

Why we think it’s cool: Traders love stats, right? And if you love sports too, it’s a match made in heaven.

Go to to find out more or get the app. 


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 14.35.58The scoop: Blocks is the startup behind fully customisable, unique wearable devices. Their watches are made up of blocks of cutting-edge technology (hence the name) that you snap together to build your own device to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Background: Blocks’ Serge Vasylechko says that the idea came when the founders wanted to build a smart watch, but couldn’t agree on what features to include. So they decided to let customers make up their own minds.

Why we think it’s cool: There are a lot of smart watches and wearable tech options out there, but it can be hard to find one that does everything you want it to. So a personalised, customisable option is genius.

To find out more and find out when it’s ready, go to

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