Trader Life Hacks #1: second trading screen

Trader Life Hacks is a new series of handy little tips and ingenious ideas to help you with your daily trading. We’ll be posting Trader Life Hacks monthly – and don’t forget to tweet @LFXKatie or @LittlefishFX and share yours!

First up in Trader Life Hacks is this little stroke of genius from @LFXSam

Upturned plug + phone = second trading screen

If you need multiple screens (the more the better) for trading, you’ll know that trading from a single screen when you’re on the go or away from your usual trading set-up is no joke.

So Littlefish FX CEO Sam came up with a solution:

  • Take one plug you’re not using and turn it upside down.
  • Stand it on your desk beside your computer.
  • Place your phone in between the prongs to stand it up.

And ta-da! You have a second trading screen. Here’s Sam’s in action:

Trader Life Hacks 1

You can take the trader out of the trading room, but you can’t take the trading room out of the trader…

We’ll be back with more Trader Life Hacks very soon – in the meantime, tweet @LFXKatie and @LittlefishFX and share yours!