Viral Videos of the Week

This week’s Viral Videos include a group skydive from the top of one of the world’s tallest buildings, a very expensive car crash, a fox making a sandwich and an Apple Watch in a blender. Enjoy!

1. Watch a skydive from the second highest residential building in the world

If you’re not a fan of heights, look away now. A bunch of daredevils jumped from the top of the Princess Tower, Dubai Marina as part of DreamJump’s scheme to allow the public to take part in a limited number of their jumps. Not for the faint hearted…

2. Watch a Bugatti L’or Blanc reverse into a Laferrari

Probably the world’s most expensive dent…

3. Watch 10 crazy bets you will always win

And then challenge your friends. Weekend boredom solved.

4. Watch a fox make a sausage sandwich

A fox in Chernobyl was in for a treat this week when a radio crew working in the exclusion area fed him some bits of sausage and bread. But the clever critter didn’t just guzzle down the treats – instead, he built them into a five-decker sandwich. Maybe he should apply for a job at Subway…

5. Watch what happens when you put an Apple Watch in a blender

You might not have wondered what would happen if you tried to blend an Apple Watch. But clearly, some people have, because over 600,000 people have watched this viral video since it went up 3 days ago. Find out how Apple’s latest invention fared against Tom and his Blendtec…

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