Viral Videos of the Week

In this week’s viral videos we’ve got the virtual reality glasses that will allow you to turn any wall into a collage of trading screens, the world’s most epic natural water slide, a guy who can throw things over his shoulder with astonishing accuracy and a group of old men grooving…

1. Watch Microsoft’s HoloLens simulation

And see how they’re about to make monitors and TV screens obsolete with their augmented reality glasses that allow you to turn any surface into a screen. Think how many trading screens you could have.

2. Watch the world’s largest natural water slide

So cool…

3. Watch the cutest proposal ever

Not sure how to pop the question? Take a lesson from the guy in this video and enlist the help of a small child. Obviously she said yes. No-one wants to make a three year old cry…

4. Watch a guy throw things over his shoulder

With alarming accuracy. A toothbrush into a toothbrush holder? No problem. Slice of bread into the toaster? He’s got that. DVD into the DVD player? Easy.

5. Watch Old Men Grooving

This video of the unlikely dance sensation has clocked up 8 million views since it was shown on Britain’s Got Talent last week – and you’ll soon see why. That’s your weekend dance moves sorted…

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