Viral Videos of the Week

This week’s best Viral Videos include the World Trade Center observation deck views, motorcycle surfing, jet-kart racing, proposal fails and how to use food puns to annoy your girlfriend while shopping. Enjoy…

1. Watch motorcycle surfing

Clearly, neither motorcycling nor surfing were enough of an adrenaline rush for this bunch of daredevils – who decided to ride their motorbikes at 50mph while standing on the saddle with no hands. As you do.

2. Watch a proposal gone wrong

This guy had planned his proposal down to the last detail: cliff top location, all his fiancĂ©-to-be’s family around them… What he hadn’t counted on, though, was his future mother-in-law face planting seconds before he got down on one knee. It looks like the proposal still went down well, though…

3. Watch how to annoy your girlfriend while shopping

Most of you probably don’t need help developing this skill. But the guy in this video is undoubtedly the pro… as well as pretty good at coming up with terrible puns. Which, as you know, we’re partial to.

4. Watch the view from the One World Trade Center Observation Deck

The observation deck at the One World Trade Center opened today, offering views of New York from 100 floors high. Take a look…

5. Watch a Jet-Kart in action

A Jet-Kart, if you were wondering, is what happens when you attach a jet engine to a go kart, besides reaching top speeds of 60mph and getting almost 2 million views on YouTube. Watch and learn…

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