Viral Videos of the Week

Time to catch up on all this week’s best viral videos… car chases, animals, pranks, mishaps and more. This week, watch the world’s slowest car chase, a real-life hoverboard and a man who can do such accurate animal impressions we can only assume he swallowed a zoo…

1. Watch a car board a ship by plank

It’s every bit as perilous as it sounds… definitely don’t try this one at home.

2. Watch a man who swallowed a zoo

No, really. We can’t think of any other explanation for why he can perfectly imitate owls, cats, dogs, birds, cows… and our personal favourite, the donkey. His animal impressions have made him a YouTube sensation with almost half a million views.

3. Watch what happens when you turn a bike backwards

They say you never forget how to ride a bike. But this is a special bike – when the handlebars move to the right, the wheels move to the left, and vice versa. Think it would be easy to figure out? Watch and learn…

4. Watch a real life hoverboard fly

No, it’s not the one we featured in this week’s Littlefish Loves but an even more impressive prototype built by Catalin Alexandru Duru, who set the Guinness World Record for the longest flight by hoverboard this week. We want one…

5. Watch the slowest car chase ever

It’s not quite like something you’d see in a Bond movie… in this viral video, a suspected drug dealer was pursued by police and a SWAT van for two and a half hours at 10mph, until the SWAT van driver presumably lost his patience and crashed the car into the central reservation. Well, at least he won’t be facing a speeding fine on top of his drug dealing charges…

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