Viral Videos of the Week

Take a break from the charts and catch up on the week’s best viral videos, featuring sinkholes, wardrobe malfunctions and brand new Porsche technology…

1. Watch a couple get swallowed by a sinkhole

This (frankly, terrifying) CCTV footage from Seoul, South Korea, shows the moment an unsuspecting couple were swallowed up by the pavement under their feet. The video has gone viral with over 100,000 views (and thankfully, the pair were not seriously hurt).

2. Watch the correct way to clear snow off your car

The US Big Freeze is making life difficult – and people more inventive when it comes to ways to deal with the cold weather. Like this genius method of clearing snow off car windows – beats a battle with deicer and a scraper…

3. Watch a classic Porsche come up-to-date

Porsche have come up with a solution for their classic 911s to bring them up-to-date with modern tech – a seamless Radio Navigation System offering map navigation, bluetooth voice calls and more. So if you love vintage cars and tech, this might be just what you’re looking for. See it in action…

But make sure you read this week’s Five Lessons Learnt to find out why sat-navs should be used with care… 

4. Watch Madonna’s tumble at the Brits

We couldn’t not include this clip of Madonna’s unfortunate wardrobe malfunction (that ended in her being dragged off the stage by her 30ft cape after she couldn’t get it untied in time). We really shouldn’t laugh, but we’re going to anyway.

5. Watch 10 years of Youtube

Bonus for you this week! Almost 200 of Youtube’s most iconic and viral videos have been packed into one 200 second long clip to celebrate 10 years since the very first Youtube video hit the internet. Babies, animals, ice bucket challenges, mishaps, parodies, music… it’s all here. Enjoy!

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