Viral Videos of the Week

We’ve got some great Viral Video treats for you this week: from a dog doing a surprise front flip over a fence to a plane causing beach mayhem and a twinkle-toed dad showing us how to bust some moves at a gig. Enjoy!

1. Watch a dog do a front flip over a fence

In this video (a display of equal parts pure innate gymnastic skill and total flukey coincidence), an unsuspecting pooch runs headlong into a fence, performs an epic front flip and runs off to retrieve his Frisbee without even stopping for breath. We’ve surely found next year’s Britain’s Got Talent winner – you heard it here first.

2. Watch epic dad dancing

We can only imagine the hours of studying the Village People dance moves and level of dedicated practice that went into this amazing video of an anonymous dad smashing the dance floor at The Vamps gig in Thorpe Park last weekend. The only thing that could have made it better is if they’d managed to catch a glimpse of whichever embarrassed teen he was accompanying…

3. Watch a loud bang blow a pro golfer’s concentration

As any of you who’ve given golf a go to take a break from trading will know, it’s a sport that requires precision, skill, patience – and most of all concentration. So we’ll forgive Zach Johnson if he was more than a little bit peeved by this air cannon which conveniently blew his concentration just as he aimed his final shot at the John Deere Classic…

4. Watch a passing plane cause sunbathing mayhem

Sunbathing on the beach is a time to enjoy the peace, forget about whatever stresses you out in your day-to-day life and of course, fall asleep without topping up the suncream and wake up resembling a tomato. Unless of course a Blue Angel happens to fly by and disrupt the peace and quiet…

5. Watch a growing-a-beard timelapse

Ever thought about growing a beard? Well, thanks to this time-lapse video you can get a little preview of what the process involves with a picture of a beard-in-progress every day for a year…


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