Viral Videos of the Week

This week in Viral Videos, watch the trailer for the new James Bond, a two-year-old Rubix cube master, Jeep sabotage and why seagulls and golf don’t go together…

1. Watch a couple go swimming in homemade shark proof cages

The Internet is a crazy, wonderful thing, without which we would never have seen this video of two people heading for a dip in the sea in his ‘n’ hers shark proof cages. The lifeguard is not impressed… and we have two questions. One- how were they going to swim in the cages anyway? And two- would those cages really protect from a shark in any case?!

2. Watch the world’s youngest Rubix cube master

If you’ve never been able to solve a Rubix cube even in adult life, not to worry. You’re not alone. But you are less smart than this toddler. In what is probably this week’s most impressive viral video, two-year-old Hong Yan Chan expertly solves the puzzle… in less than 70 seconds. Bravo…

3. Watch hackers sabotage a Jeep

Technology is a great thing, for sure. But advancements in car tech have actually left a lot of cars open to hacking thanks to their high-tech entertainment systems. In this video, two hackers remotely drive a car over the Internet… with their friend on board. If you’re thinking “it doesn’t sound like this will end well”, you’d be right…

4. Watch a golf drive end badly

It was a fatal case of wrong place, wrong time for this poor unsuspecting seagull who suffered an untimely death after getting in the way of a particularly bad golf tee shot in this viral video. RIP seagull, RIP.

5. Watch the new James Bond trailer

Okay, and we couldn’t round off this week’s Viral Videos without including the most-hyped video of the week – the trailer for the latest Bond movie, Spectre, which will be released in October. It racked up a pretty impressive 5,000,000 views in its first 48 hours of being live on Youtube along with the inevitable social media hype. Who’s excited?!

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