Viral Videos of the Week

This week in our round-up of the best viral videos, watch a robot cause drive-thru chaos, a man travel around the world, a guy¬†ride a dirt bike on water and a puppy’s hilarious sneeze…

1. Watch a robot go through a drive-thru

In one of the best pranks we’ve ever seen on YouTube, these guys used a robot and an invisible driver costume to trick fast food workers into believing there was a (very intelligent) robot driving past their windows. From confusion and disbelief to screams and what can only be described as blind panic, their reactions are definitely worth a watch…

2. Watch a man’s 3-year world trip in 3 minutes

In 2011, Walter Chang quit his job and travelled around the world, trekking amazing landscapes, swimming in the sea, making friends with monkeys and turtles and checking off 60 countries in 3 years. This is his epic journey – cut down into a three minute montage…

3. Watch how to turn your smartphone into a 3D hologram

Bored? Need something a little bit geeky but very, very cool to fill the rest of your afternoon? Well, look no further. This tutorial will tell you how to turn your smartphone into a 3D hologram. It’ll definitely impress your mates in the pub tonight. Definitely.

4. Watch a guy bike on water

In this viral video, Robbie “Maddo” Maddison takes his dirt bike into the unchartered saltwater terrain of the Pacific Ocean in French Polynesia… and creates a new sport. Hands up who wants to give water surfing a try?

5. Watch a puppy sneeze

And because no viral video compilation is complete without a cute animal video, we’re going to leave you with this video of Roux the Pomeranian Puppy letting out the most ridiculous sneeze we’ve ever heard in our lives…

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