Viral Videos of the Week

Take a break from the charts and catch up with the week’s viral videos – this time, watch an expert toddler chef, the dog kennel of the future, a bionic eye in action and GEICO’s unskippable advert…

1. Watch an expert toddler chef

If you’ve ever made a mess cracking an egg, prepare to be ashamed. This 16-month old toddler was baking cookies with her parents when they captured her on video taking an egg out of the box. Her mother and father (as well as the rest of the internet) fully expected a mess to clean up – but they were in for a surprise when she neatly cracked the egg into her bowl and nonchalantly kept stirring the mixture, oblivious to her sudden Youtube stardom.

2. Watch Samsung’s Dream Doghouse

As part of their sponsorship for Crufts 2015, Samsung were tasked with designed “the dog kennel of the future”, featuring an astroturf treadmill, hydrotherapy bath, automated feeder and a Samsung tab for catching up on TV. See it in action…

3. Watch a blind man see

In this viral Youtube video (that’s been watched over 1,000,000 times) a blind man sees his wife for the very time, thanks to a bionic eye. Warning: you might want to grab a tissue first.

4. Watch GEICO’s unskippable ad

GEICO Insurance’s clever adverts always cause a bit of a stir – and this one’s been viewed almost 50,000 times. Instead of giving Youtube users the option to skip the video after five seconds, GEICO decided to get straight to the point, making their commercial so short it’s already over by the time you get the chance to skip it. But it’s worth watching the rest.

5. Watch the SKODA Fabia attention test

& see if you can spot what SKODA don’t want you to (we didn’t).

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