Viral Videos of the Week

In Viral Videos of the Week, we pick out all the viral internet sensations that have got people talking this week. Expect dancing granddads, crazy new tech developments, epic fails and of course the occasional cat video…

In this week’s best Viral Videos: the Spectre music video, the world’s worst traffic jam, six reasons why you should drink coffee every day, a dog driving a car and the guys who make $1,000 a week from doing nothing…

1. Watch the world’s worst traffic jam

This is one for anyone who’s already dreading the last commute of the week. When you’re sitting in traffic or crammed onto a sweltering Tube later, just remember it could be worse – you could be in the middle of this 50-lane traffic jam in Bejing, brilliantly dubbed “The Great Crawl of China”…

2. Watch a dog drive a car

In this viral video, Maltese/Chihuahua mix Daisy chaffeurs toddler Oliver around in an electric toy car. (Don’t worry, we’re told Oliver’s mum was controlling the accelerator remotely, so all Daisy had to do was steer. But it’s still pretty impressive for an animal without opposable thumbs).

3. Watch 6 reasons why you should drink coffee every day

You know, just in case you needed an excuse…

4. Watch professional queuers in action

Too busy to stand in a queue? No problem – just hit upĀ Same Ole’ Line Dudes, who will do the queuing for you – for a pretty hefty fee of $25 per hour.

Robert Samuel and his team have waited for new iPhones, popular bars, sample sales and lots more. And they make over $1,000 a week for, well, essentially doing nothing.

5. Watch the Spectre theme song video

And obviously, the most viral of this week’s viral videos is without a doubt the video for Sam Smith’s Spectre, the official theme song of the next much-anticipated Bond film. Counting down the days ’till the film is released? Here’s a little preview…

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