Viral Videos of the Week

In Viral Videos of the Week, we pick out all the viral internet sensations that have got people talking this week. Expect dancing granddads, crazy new tech developments, epic fails and of course the occasional cat video…

This week in Viral Videos: running in New York City, crashing the Spectre premiere, inside the Aston Martin DB10 and the future of payment devices…

1. Watch Mastercard turn all your accessories into payment devices

In this viral video, Mastercard show us all how we’ll soon be able to pay with wearables, watches, car keys, and basically any gadgets you have in your pocket…

2. Watch a New York City run

For their latest advertising campaign, Adidas took a group of people running in the city that never sleeps, and this was the result…

3. Watch dogs and a baby in a howling competition

Anything these dogs can do, this baby can do better.

4. Watch a guy crash the Bond premiere

We couldn’t not mention probably the most-talked about viral video of the week, in which James Ware copied a ticket posted on social media for the Spectre premiere at the Royal Albert Hall and managed to crash the high-profile event.

For anyone who’s worrying what happened to the Bond fan who the original ticket belonged to – don’t. It turns out James was actually invited to the premiere all along. One of the more imaginative publicity stunts we’ve seen lately, but still a publicity stunt.

5. Take a look inside the Aston Martin DB10

Do you want to see inside the Aston Martin DB10 – aka Bond’s latest vehicle of choice, specially created for Spectre? Of course you do. In this viral video, you can take a look inside and even take a ride in the stunt car…

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