Viral Videos of the Week

In Viral Videos of the Week, we pick out all the viral internet sensations that have got people talking this week. Expect dancing granddads, crazy new tech developments, epic fails and of course the occasional cat video…

This week in Viral Videos, a Range Rover drives over a paper bridge, we take a look inside the world’s best man cave, a GoPro recording gone wrong and a French dad explains good and bad to his young son…

1. Watch a Range Rover drive over a paper bridge

To celebrate 45 years of Range Rovers, the iconic vehicle makers decided to attempt a world first, and drive one of the cars over a paper bridge. Here’s how it unfolded…

2. Take a look inside the world’s best man cave

British inventor Colin Furze achieved one of mankind’s biggest ambitions and created an underground bunker – y’know, just in case the apocalypse lands any time soon. It’s home to a bed, flatscreen tv, surround sound, games consoles, a sofa, drum kit and much more. If the world ends tomorrow, he’s good…

3. Watch GoPro gone wrong

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new favourite GoPro footage video, in which Joseph P. Griffin borrows his son’s GoPro camera to record his trip to Las Vegas – and proceeds to use it backwards and record himself in “selfie” mode the whole time. Over 7,000,000 people have now watched the video – so it seems what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

4. Watch a masterclass in how not to ski

If you’re already excited to hit the slopes this winter, we hope you have more luck than supposed “pro” skier Ian McIntosh, who takes a 1,600 ft tumble in this viral video. Thankfully (and somewhat miraculously), he survived his fall unscathed, at least for the most part.

5. Watch a Parisian explain to his son how we can beat the bad guys

We couldn’t not include probably the most-watched viral video of the week, featuring one French dad explaining good and bad to his young son, following the horrifying terror attacks in Paris last week that have left the world reeling. Not only does he deserve a dad of the year award after that, the father and son duo’s display of “humanity in the face of inhumanity” also been credited with “helping the French let go of their tears”.

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